Investigation of the relationship between performance appraisal criteria, agency costs and dividend policy in companies listed on the Tehran Stock Exchange

The Effect of Hope-based Group Therapy on the Cancer Patients` Quality of Life Based on Snyder’s Hope Theory

The Role of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in Support of Specific Victim

Studying the Effect of Auditor Reputation, Corporate Size, Financial Leverage, and Operating Cash Flows on Absolute Value of Discretionary Accruals in Listed Companies in the Tehran Stock Exchange: Use of adjusted Jones Model

Studying the effect of drought stress on yield and physiological characteristics in genotypes of canola (Brassica napus L.)

The study of waste management generated in the first refinery of South Pars Gas Complex

Studying the impact of electronic service quality on customer satisfaction in the banking industry (Case Study: Bank Refah Kargaran, Khuzestan)

Examining the relationship between optimism and sense of humor with resiliency in female nurses of special wards of the hospital

Removal of nickel (II) ions from aqueous solutions using OC-30 surfactant via cloud point extraction

To study the behavior of resistant cores of reinforced concrete of tall buildings against earthquake

Assessing the Relationship between the Foreign Investment and the Tax Evasion in the Listed Firms on the Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE)

To study the effect of dimensions of openers on quake behavior of resistant cores of reinforced concrete in tall buildings

Fuzzy routing with load balancing in mobile adhoc networks

Examine the relationship between risk management and performance of the banks listed on the Tehran Stock Exchange

New organizational Knowledge Management: Principles, Technics, Concepts, and Strategies

The relationship of the role of sports media and team identity with fans’ loyalty of Sepahan Esfahan F.C. based on demographic characteristics

Weibull and Lognormal renewal distributions

The Comparative Study on Rights of Literary and Intellectual Authors in the Iranian and French Law

Evaluation of Precipitation Changes in the Provinces of Kermanshah and Kurdistan

The effects of eight weeks of strengthening exercises in the water on pain, range of motion and muscle strength in postmenopausal women with Osteoarthritis of the knee

Relationship between Religious Attitudes and Organization-Based Self-Esteem among Executive Agencies Staff in Khash city

Investigate the effects of distributed generation units in power grid- Case study of power grid Kahnooj –Kerman

Subject: factors affecting and affected by the Globalization rights

The Analysis of Spatial Reflections of Commercial Tourism in the North-West Frontier of Iran (case study Baneh City)

The Survey of Victim of Crime’s Position in incarceration alternative penalties according to the punishment law approved in 2014

Investigating the successful strategies of marketing and the export of technical and engineering services

Estimating Expected Return based on Capital Asset Pricing Model compared with Stock Interest Rate at Tehran Stock Exchange

Investigation of Development Indicators in Agriculture and Livestock Sectors in Isfahan Province Townships

Comparison of the Safety and Health of the Swimming Pools in Kerman with International Standards

Analysis of the performance of the Islamic Council in achieving the objectives of urban development

Designing OR logic gate using two-dimensional optical crystal according to Mach Zehnder filter suitable for all-optical digital integrated circuits

Technical and economic analysis and evaluation of multimodal terminals with a focus on performance of port (Case Study of Noshahr Port)

Investigating the effect of the relationship marketing on customer loyalty to smart phones brands A case study of Samsung mobile customers in Bushehr province of Iran

Performance assessment of decision making units in different levels using a hierarchical clustering DEA method

Effects of aqueous extract of lavender (Lavandula officinalis) on the liver tissue and blood fat in Balb/C adult female mice