Study and Design of Mobile Medical Camps to Manage Disasters (Wars, Tsunamis, etc.) based on the Requirements of Civil Defense and the Approach of Camouflage and Concealment

The Relation of Family Performance and Matrimony Intimacy With The Amount of Using of Satellite Networks

A Survey of the Relationship Between Differentiation and Coping Strategies in Mothers of Children with Autism)

Identify Factors Determining Brand Value and Present A Model For Pricing And Brand Valuation Of Republic International Corporation

The Role Of Nongovernmental Organizations In Regulating The Market Through Economic Regulatory

Investigating Plasmid Virulence Genes in Salmonella Isolated in Poultry of Ahwaz City

Evaluation of Faculty of Islamic Azad University of Lahijan Using an Integrated Approach of BSC and TOPSIS

Citation Analysis And Map The Structure Of The Field Of Intellectual Property Rights

Design a Model to Explain the Impact of the Open Business Model On Competitive Advantage in Knowledge-Based Companies of Bushehr Province

Stable Estimator (Robust) and its Application in the Stability Analysis of Micro Geodesy Nets


General Principles of International Law concerning Law of Media

Engineering Ethics with Emphasis on Ethical Identity

Forecasting New Product Potential Market

Effectiveness of Group Reality Therapy in Reducing Anxiety of Clients in Hamedan Central Prison

The Investigation of Training on the Job Satisfaction of Employees of National Company Telecommunications of South Oil Places in Ahwaz

Developed a Mathematical Model for Solving the Two-Objective Dynamic Facility Layout Problem with Budget Constraints and Optimal Allocation of Buffer Size

Innovation in Conceptual Age (Case of Five Companies in Avionics Industry of Iran)

The Compliance Rate Of The Family Planning Counseling With The National Standards In Public Health Centers In Ahvaz, Iran 2015

Miniature Ecological System for the Treatment of Hussain Sagar Waste Water with Associated Power Generation

Exact and Approximate Repeats in DNA Sequences using Suffix Array and Divide & Conquer

Isolation and Identification of Hydrocarbon Degrading Bacteria and Transformation of the Gene Responsible into Sensitive Bacteria

Detection of Cryptosporidium Parvum in HIV/AIDS Sero-Positive Patients in Correlation with CD4 Count in Raichur

Extraction, Purification and Characterization of Bromelain from Pineapple and In Silico Annotation of the Protein