Tourism as a Method of “Soft Power” in Modern Diplomacy on the Example of the Russian Federation

“Techno-R” Technology in Teaching the Students of Linguistic Direction the Latin Language

The Foreign Students’ Communicative Competence Development in the Tatar Language

Transforming Positive Attitude of Pre Service Teachers Towards Inclusive Education By Cooperative Learning Technology

Specifics of Integration Processes Development between Russia and Abkhazia

Anniversary of Gabdulla Tuqay of 1938

The Political Features of the Extradition

Problems of Social-Economic and Demographic Development of Agricultural Population (Based on the Data of the Republic of Tatarstan)

Disabled People in the USSR during Khruschev’s Modernization: Regional Aspect

Self-Regulatory Organizations in Russia and European Countries: Current State and Prospects of Development

Some Problems of the Criminal Law Regulation of Economic Relations in the Russian Federation

The Communicative Grammar Phenomenon as the Reflection of the Anthropocentric Worldview of the Contemporary Humanitarian Discourse

The Extradition Legislation in the Russian Federation and Germany: A Comparative Analysis

The Logistic Regression as an Instrument of the Personnel Policy in an Organization

The Question of the Problem-Based Learning Role in Legal Education

The Status and Social Role of Girl’s Religious Educational Institutions of The Late XIX – The Beginning of The XX Century (On The Basis of Kazan, The Principal Town of Province)

Thermal Studies of Polymeric Foams Used in Engineering

Use of Mortgage-Investment Analysis to Study the Behavior of the Population in the Residential Real Estate Market in the City of Kazan

Waders of Lake Cartma (The Systems of Coastal Lakes of the North Aral Sea, Kyzylorda, Kazakhstan)

Avifauna of the Lake Systems in the Delta of the Syr Darya River (Lake Cartma)

Network Communities of Destructive Direction in Social Networks of Runet

Post-Perestroika Ideologemes Survey (Based on the Newspaper “Izvestiya”

Bandwidth Enhancement of Symmetrical Fourth-Teeth-Shaped Microstrip Antenna

Complex of Stone Tools of the Chalcolithic Igim Settlement

Construction of Integration Vectors for Secreted Expression of Bacterial Phytase in Yarrowia Lipolytica

Transformational Technique of Interactive Systems Development

A Practical Approach to an Automated Accounting System Development of the Study Results of Historical and Architectural Sites of the Island of Sviyazhsk

Multimodal Art Therapy for Overcoming Negative Emotional States among Adolescents

Diagnostics and Treatment of Varicose Veins of Lower Extremities in Children and Adolescents

Improving Professional Speech Culture of Teachers of Russian Language and Literature

Possibility of Situational Methodology

Pre-Election Discourse as a Special Type of Institutional Discourse

Pricing Agreement and its Importance for the Tax Control of Transactions between Related Parties

Issues in Implementing “Non-Use of Force” Principle in International Law

Problems of Judicial Control of Legal Implementation in Public Administration

Productivity of Early Maturing Varieties of Potatoes, With the Application of Designated Doses of Fertilizers, Within the Conditions of the Forest-Steppe of the Middle Volga Region

Rights of Ownership of Minors from the Position of the Russian Law

Regulation of tax debt

Resources and Risks of Discussion as an Interactive Method of Organizing the Educational Process

Professional Training of the Tatar Composers in the 1930s of the ХХ Century

Role of Advertisement in Formation of Values of Youth

Research of Organizational and Personal Factors of Professional Burnout of Personnel in a Consulting Organization 

Russian and International Experience of Private Partner’s Civil Guarantees in Public-Private Partnership

Justice Health: Social Attitudes of Russian Patients in the Context of Availability

Selective Light and Activity of Antioxidant Enzymes in Case of Infection of Wheat Sprouts with Fusarium Oxysporum

Social-Demographic Losses Inflicted By Infant Death-Rate in Republic of Ingushetiya 

Motivation of Voluntary Activity and Personal World Assumptions of the Youth

Tax Incentives of Demand for Insurance Market Services in Russia

The Object of the Right Concept for State Ownership of Land

The Conscience of the Jury as a Basis for Delivering a Fair Verdict in Accordance with the Judicial Reform of 1864 in Russia (Historico-Juridical Research)

The Development of Corporations and Corporate Law in the World and Russia throughout History

The Experience of Students Using MOOC’s: Motivation, Attitude, Efficiency

The Impact of Inflation in 90-ies on the Development of Economy in Russia

The Personal Protection from Racial Discrimination in the Conditions of Fight against Terroris

The Rights and Duties of Foreign Person in an Arbitration Procedure in the Russian Federation

The Smuggling of Cash and (Or) Monetary Instruments: Is the Sentence Final and Binding?

The Structure of Practice and Quality of the Objective Law

Trends of the Tax Control of Transactions between Related Parties in the Russian Federation

Unified Approach to Software Development of Automated Control Systems for Oil Equipment

Formation of Ethnic Identity of School children By Means Of Museum Pedagogics

The Use of the Adapted Task of Steiner Problem for the Solution of Optimization Problems of Realization of Industrial Enterprises Production

Educational Internet Resources in Turkic Languages

Energy Efficiency of Heating System Phased Introduction of Automatic Control Unit

Determination of Informative Frequency Ranges for Buried Pipeline Location Control

Reading as Cultural Factor of Talent Development

About Hybrid System Stability with Distributed and Concentrated Parameters

Analysis and Evaluation of Public-Private Partnership Development in The Field of Historical and Cultural Heritage Sites Preservation in the Regions of Russia

Anticipation of Individuals with Communication Disabilities: Problem Current State Review

Kazan, Crimea and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania on the Arena of Diplomatic and Military Battles at the Turn of the 15th And 16th Centuries

Calculation and Design of the Wooden Lens-Shaped Truss with the Value of Snow Load on the Horizontal Ground Surface 3.2 Kpa

Contents and Ways of Organizational-Financial Risks Reduction among Managing Subjects in Housing and Utility Service

Cross-Cultural Studies of Structural and Dynamic Features Of Learning Experiences among Russian and Chinese Teenagers

Determinants of Education System in OECD Countries

Development of a Neuro-Fuzzy Diagnostic System Mathematical Model for Internal Combustion Engines

Diagnostics of Automobile Mechatron Systems by Integrated Environmental Indicators

Experimental Studies of the Turbulent Flow with Imposed Unsteadiness Structure

Foreign Direct Investments: Structure and Dynamics in Russia

Formation of Adolescent Social Competence

Diagnosing Technique Improvement of Power and Bearing Designs in Vehicle Bodies and Frames

Physicians’ Preferences for Constipation Treatment and Prevention in Pregnant Women: The Comparison within the Russian Federation

The Risks of Developing Adverse Outcomes According to Geriatric Status in Patients with Coronary Heart Disease with Plannedaorto-coronary Artery Bypass Grafting

The Relationship of Molecular-Genetic Markers of Chemokines with Clinical Manifestations of Chronic Kidney Disease

Morphofunctional Parameters of Blood Lymphocytes, in the Process of Adaptation of Chickens to Lighting Regimes

Biological Markers of Pathological Aging in Diseases of Men

Epistemological Models in Understanding Cultural and Civilizational Specificity

Clinical Structure and Comorbidity of Additive Behavior and Dependencies in Medical Students

Clinical Features of Mental Disorders among Pregnant Women

Socio-Ecological Education of Students

Integral Pattern of Bench Stability on all Adjacent Rock Of Open-Pit Mine in Solid Rocks

The Potential of Russian Economy and Innovative Ways of its Development

Spatiotemporal Aspect of the Cluster Systems Evolution

Strategic Orientations for Systemic Modernization of the Russian Federation’s Social Development

Enhancement of Antenna Parameters of a Rectangular MSA with Optimized Inset Fed Using HFSS

Super Resolution of Satellite Images Using Wavelet Based Edge Extraction through Sparse Representation

Design Analysis of SRAM Cell with Improved Noise Margin based on Aspect Ratio Adjustments

Probabilistic Nonlocal Means Image De-noising in Tele-radiology

State Family Policy and its Impact on the Institution of the Family

Orthogonal Polarization Position Based MIMO Antenna For Wireless Applications

Tracking Misplaced Objects Using Bluetooth and GPS with Arm Cortex M3 Development Board

Fast Normalized Covariance based Similarity Measure for Fractal Video Compression with Quadtree Partitioning

A Robust Approach for Low Resolution Medical Image Enhancement using DTCWT and SVD

Approximate Compressors based Inexact Vedic Dadda Multipliers

Image Compression Using Quaternion Wavelet Transform

Denoising of ECG Signals using Multiwavelet Transform

Smart Traffic Light Signalling System using IR Sensors

Design and Assessment of Type-II PLL implementing Various CMOS PFDs

Satellite Image Classification based on Ensemble Subspace Discriminant method using Random Subspace Algorithm

A Random Subspace based Classification for Temporal Data of Satellite Images

A Review on Signature and Logo Identification and Extraction using Automatic Logo Based Document Image Retrieval Methods

Performance Evaluation of Hybrid Dual Tree Complex Wavelet Transform based Signal Denoising Technique

An Analysis of a Un-decimated BM3D De-speckling Method for Monochrome Images

Performance Analysis of 4G Systems with Channel Coding Algorithms

Design and Analysis of Band Notched Wide Band Metamaterial Integrated U &T Shaped Patch with Strip Line Antenna for Wireless Application

An IOT Based Environmental Radiation Monitoring Through Wireless Sensors Network

A Comprehensive Literature Review on Data Analytics in IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things)

Design of Dual-Frequency Receiver Antenna for Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System

An Empirical Study on Tendency & Behavior to use Information Systems (IS)

An Integrated Data Management Model for the Road Traffic Injury Surveillance System’s in Developing Countries

An Investigation into the Factors Influencing Customer Mental Image about the Performance of Iran Melli Bank 1

A Performance Evaluation of a Real-time Image Mosaicing with a Rapid Prototype Hardware

The Estimated Aspect of Speech Associative Representation of Mental States

Implementation of the Communicative Competence among Students with the use of Gaming Activities in Biology

Application of CVP-Analysis at the Water Transport Organizations

Aspects of Decision-Making System Development During Enrollment Campaign in Higher Education Institutions

Academic Mobility as a Factor of Improving the Competitiveness of University Graduates

Forms of the State Support for Disabled Veterans in Tatarstan in Period of the Great Patriotic War

Ways of Improving the Park “Pribrezhny” In Naberezhnye Chelny

Categorical Apparatus of the Concept of the Biointellectual Sphere

Culture as a Factor of Influence on the Management Potential of Modern Organizations

Investment Appeal and Research & Development Capacity of the Regions

The Interaction between Oil Price and Basic Macroeconomics Indicators: Evidences from Russia

Gifted Students’ Personal Features Comparative Analysis Depending on Style Preferences in Painting

Educational Potential of Voluntary Activity in Work with Student Youth

The Dynamics of the Efficiency of State Support to the AgroIndustrial Complex on the Example of The Volga Federal District

Neogothic Space Interpretation

Development of Integrative Skills in Higher-Education Students

Social-and-Ecological Metabolism of the Russian Megalopolis under the Influence of Sports Megaevents

Analysis of Production Methodologies for Process-Based Management

Analysis of Existing Approaches to Management of Industrial Enterprises

Structural-Group Composition of Heavy Oil Conversion Products Using FTIR Spectroscopy

Innovative Activity as a Factor of Anti-Crisis Development in the Conditions of State Support (On The Example of Naberezhnye Chelny)

International Legal Regulation of Russian-Iranian Cooperation in Energetics and Caspian Sea Delimitation

Public Support for Small and Medium-Sized Business in the Regions of the Russian Federation

Management of Regional Social and Economic Conflicts Under the Conditions of The Russian Crisis 2014-2017: Case of The Republic of Tatarstan

The Student Youth with Predisposition to Deviant Behavior, Depending on the Field of Study

The Analysis of Russian Population Incomes for 2012-2015

The Effect of Antiepileptic Therapy on the Development of Cognitive Functions in Children with Epilepsy: Introduction To The Problem

Experimental Phonetics in Applied Linguistic Research

Wagnerian Myth Through The Mirror of Satirical Iconography

The International Law of the World Ocean Protection from Oil Pollution

Prevention of Healthcare Associated Infections in the Tuberculosis Health Center 

Implementation of International Legal Norms by the Russian Federation in the Field of Protection and Preservation of the Marine Environment from Pollution

Features of Management of Innovative Activity of Small Enterprises

Structural Components of the Self-Concept of Adopted Adolescents

The Secondary Equipment Market in the Positive Economic Development of the Agricultural Sector

Comparative Characteristic of Cases of Microbacteriosis and Tuberculosis among HIV-Infected Patients

The Active Immunity of the Person in Conditions of Anthropogenic Impact

Analysis of the Lenstra Elliptic Curves Factorization Method

Reflection of Emotions in the Phraseology of the Tatar Language

Genetic Determinants of Endometriosis and Uterine Myoma Combinatin

Candidate Genes and Clinical-Laboratory Indices in Pregnant Women Depending on the Development of Preeclampsia