The alcoholic fermentative efficiency of medicinal fungus Ustilago maydis to unravel mechanisms of fruit waste deconstruction with the aid of Separate Hydrolysis and Fermentation (SHF) method

Dunaliellatertiolecta Microalgae as biological feedstock, for bioethanol production

In vitro Studies of DREB, LEA and OsDHODH1 Genes in Oryza sativa Cultivars

Study of Coprinus cinereus with the aid of Carica papaya (Peel) as a substrate for the production of higher yield Bioethanol by RNA Interference

Role of Virtual Machine in Bio-Applications and its Significance

FungREP 1.0: Online web-repository of microsatellite repeats from fungal genomes

Diagnosis of Chronic Kidney Disease Using Random Forest Classification Technique

Effects of Supervising Orphaned Children in Iranian Legal System

The Relationship between Career Path Capabilities and Employees’ Job Control and Commitment in Bank Melli Branches of Kerman City

A study of the relationship between work-family conflict, job burnout and plateauing of official employees of Iran Oil Pipeline and Telecommunication Company (Centre of South East Regional)

Evaluating Relationship between Managers Narcissism and Administrative Offence in Administrative Agencies of Kerman City

Evaluation of relationship between personnel’s depression and quality of services in hospitals of Kerman’s Medical Science University

Examining ways of increasing penetration of non-compulsory insurance in different areas of property and responsibility in the southern Kerman

Investigating the earnings quality characteristic and earnings management type in bankrupt and distressed companies (case study: companies listed on Tehran Stock Exchange)

The effect of the credit risk on the profitability of those banks listed on Tehran Stock Exchange

Evaluation of the Influential Factors of Cost Stickiness in Tehran Stock Exchange

The effectiveness of self-regulation skills training on motivational orientation and academic achievement of students

The impact of financial constraints on the relationship between cash flow and external financing of companies listed in Stock Exchange

Investigating the Relationship between Fair Value Accounting of Non-Current Assets and Audit Fees in Listed Companies in Tehran Stock Exchange

Review of the Relationship between the Relevance Value of Accounting Information and Profit Management and Corporate Governance in Companies Listed in Tehran’s Stock Exchange

Measuring the Customers’ Loyalty to Mehr-Eghtesad Bank with Balanced Scorecard Approach

Effect of Knowledge Management and Strategies Capabilities on Employee’s Empowerment (Case Study: Aghajari Oil and Gas Production Company)

Investigation of effect of in-service training in implementation of strategic plans of Oil Company (Case Study: Aghajari Oil and Gas Production Company)

The impact of financial conditions on earnings quality of companies listed in Tehran Stock Exchange

Evaluation and prioritization of determinant factors on successful implementation of strategic plans of Oil Company (case study: Aghajari Oil and Gas Production Company)

The relationship between empowerment of human resources, and organizational culture and job productivity among employees working in Shiraz Tejarat Bank

Human Resources Management: Challenges and Solutions

Knowledge Management; One of the Requirements in Today’s Organizations

The Comparison between Two Approaches of Governmental Management and Public Participations on the Performance of Irrigation and Drainage Networks of Great Karun

Review of the Effective Factors on the Psychological Empowerment of Employees of Maroon and Karoon Oil and Gas Operating Companies

The survey of the relationship between the knowledge management and running a lean production system (case study Qazvin’s Haft Almas manufacturing company)

Examining the Relationship between Organizational Political Climate with Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB) and Quality of Working Life of Employees in Offices of Industry and Mining Organization, West Azerbaijan

Identification of determinant factors on corporate entrepreneurship and its role in implantation of entrepreneurship strategy (Case Study: Aghajari Oil and Gas Production Company)

Nanotechnology and building industry

The role of coping styles in predicting job burnout in middle aged by controlling the gender variable

The Relationship between Intellectual Capital and Organizational Entrepreneurship Physical Education Departments at Universities in Kerman (A case study)

Examining the effect of institutional shareholders and free cash flow on cash dividends in companies listed in Tehran Stock Exchange

The survey of the economical factors effect on importing and exporting of the goods (Case study: Zahedan)

Evaluation of Facial Anthropometric Index among 15-20 Year Old Individuals in Sari City

Developments in the Governing Procedure of the Document Arrangements in Notary public offices in Iran’s law

Investigate and Prioritize Human Resources Strategic Planning Prerequisites with Analytic Hierarchy Process Method (Case Study: Fars Province Iranian Health Insurance Organization Office)

Conditions to Implement the Admonitory Rule and its Criminal Absolution

Investigation of Thermal Behavior and Comparison of the weight of Constituent materials in the Convectional Outer Shell of Buildings in Iran

Investigating models of operational budgeting and planning in Iran Health Insurance Organization using Diamond Model

Investigation the effect of accounting earnings components on the future earnings prediction and the value of listed companies in Tehran Stock Exchange

Studying the effect of quality of financial reporting on risk of future stock price crash in firms listed in Tehran stock exchange